This machine has the facility to deliver both constant and pulsed vacuum suction and comes with a comprehensive range of glass ventouses for treatment applications. 


The main purpose of vacuum suction is to move lymph to aid the removal of waste products and excess fluid. It can also assist in breaking down hard fat. 


Vacuum suction is applied in a gliding movement via glass ventouses over an oil or cream and delivers a constant vacuum to the area being treated. It is suitable for use on both face and body. 


Pulsing Vacuum is designed for facial work and is used on older, crepey skin. It is stimulating for the skin, yet relaxing for the client, due to the rhythmic, methodical way it pulses.  




Aids exfoliation. 

Stimulates blood and lymph flow and improves colour and texture of the skin. 

Can help in the removal of comedones. 

Helps to plump out fine lines. 

Helps to improve the appearance of Cellulite. 

Helps to eliminate puffiness. 





Having cleansed, toned and exfoliated the skin, select and apply an oil or cream suitable for the skin type you are working on. This will allow for the glass ventouse to glide easily across the skin. 


Vacuum Suction is applied via one glass ventouse. When working on the face adjust the vacuum to produce 20% lift in the cup and work towards the lymph nodes in regular methodical movements. 


When working on the body larger cups are used and Vacuum is applied to produce 30% lift in the cup. 


Vacuum is created and released by placing or removing your finger from the hole in the glass cup. 


Pulsing Vacuum is applied to the face using two ventouses, the pulsing is produced by the machine. 


The treatment is finished with the application of a mask, followed by a Serum and a Moisturiser. 



Gives an immediate visible improvement to skin by improvement of colour, texture and plumping out of fine lines. 


A useful treatment to bear in mind when developing bespoke courses for your clients. Rather than offering a course of one type of treatment, mix and match so that your clients programme is unique to them. 


The above recommendation can also be applied to your body treatments. 



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