The Ultraderm Machine combines two different technologies. 


Galvanic: Desincrustation – a deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment. 

Iontophoresis - pushing active ingredients into the skin by the use of ionisable products. 

High Frequency: Direct – is traditionally used to dry an oily skin, due to the antibacterial and

germicidal properties of the Ozone that is produced during treatment 

High Frequency: Indirect – provides a warming, soothing, massage, ideally suited to dry,

dehydrated or mature skin. Both methods can be applied to the face and body. 


The technologies incorporated in this machine can be used to create treatments for most skin types, but are most commonly used as a deep cleansing and antibacterial, healing treatment for congested skin. 


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The Cleansing process ( Desincrustation) cleanses, brightens and exfoliates the skin. It allows for the easy extraction of comedones. Especially effective on congested skin when using a combination of Galvanic Cleanse and Direct High Frequency.


The skin is more receptive to active ingredients being propelled into the skin by the process Iontophoresis. The products used for this process must be ionisable ( contain negative and positive ions) , all Carlton Professional Gels and Ampoules are ionisable.


Direct High Frequency regulates the secretion of Sebum and has an anti bacterial effect on the skin.


Indirect High Frequency allows for a more stimulating massage , as the current flows through the Therapists fingers whilst she is working. There is increased flow of blood and Lymph making the skin work more efficiently.






Once the skin has been cleansed and toned the Desincrustant Gel is applied to the skin. The facial electrodes are attached to the machine, the current level selected and the treatment applied evenly over the face and neck causing a reaction on the skins surface that will result in cleansing, brightening and exfoliation. 


The Desincrustant gel is removed and an active Treatment Gel is applied, the process of Iontophoresis is used to propel active ingredients deep into the skin. 


The selection of product and the duration of each treatment area is indicated by the skin type. 


Parameters are provided for the intensity of current during the treatment. 


The treatment can be completed with a mask which is then removed and a moisturiser is applied. 


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This treatment offers an option for younger clients who still have problems with congested skins.


It can be sold as a course of treatments or is effective as a one off treatment to brighten and exfoliate the skin.


Clients will notice their skin looks brighter and cleaner and that make up application is smoother.

Direct High Frequency 


After cleansing, toning and exfoliating the skin, Ozone cream is applied to the face and neck and covered with a thin sheet of gauze. 


A glass rod is selected according to the area to be treated and inserted in the handle. Current is passed down the glass rod, it will ‘crackle’ as there is a gas contained in the glass rod which will glow either Orange ( Neon) or Purple/ Blue ( Argon) , but does not affect the treatment. 


The rod is the applied directly onto the gauze and is moved smoothly and evenly over the complete area. Time of application of the treatment is indicated by skin type, the more congested the skin the longer the application. 


Indirect High Frequency 


Prepare the skin as for Direct High Frequency and the apply a treatment cream or oil to the face and neck. 


See MONUHUB for a full range of Monu treatment products Fiji Oil, Capri Oil and Hawaii Oil. 


The client holds the indifferent electrode whilst the Therapist massages the face and neck. 


This is a highly effective treatment that intensifies the effect of the massage so that the skin becomes more active and receptive to the absorption of active ingredients. 


Both treatments can be completed with a mask which is then removed, followed by the application of a treatment cream to finish.




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