A complete treatment system for the professional Salon / Spa. 


The Ultra Pro Complex incorporates six specific functions providing the Therapist with everything neatly to hand in one compact unit. This allows the Therapist to offer any treatment, or to devise any treatment package/ course with a machine that can be kept on one trolly. A machine that offers the maximum of treatments taking up the minimum of space. 


It comprises of 


Galvanic - Offering the opportunity for both Desincrustation, a deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment, and Iontophoresis which propels concentrates and Serums deep into the skin. 


High Frequency - Direct High Frequency, which helps to balance the sebaceous secretions of the skin and Indirect High Frequency, a stimulating treatment aimed at dull, lifeless and mature skins 


Microcurrent – A treatment that repositions facial muscles for a toning tightening effect and also helps to tone and improve the skin condition in specific areas of the body. It can also be used to improve the appearance of scar tissue and stretch marks. 


Vacuum – Offers a treatment that stimulates blood and lymph, improving tone and texture of the skin, reducing puffiness and plumping out fine lines. Working towards the lymph nodes helps with the removal of waste products. 


It can also be used to break up hard fat. 


Vacupulse – Pulsing Vacuum, a gentler application which is most commonly used on crepey mature skin. 


Brushing – Adds a plus to cleansing processes giving a deeper cleanse and the added benefit of exfoliation. The brushes provided with the machine vary in coarseness and can be selected for use on the face or body 






The above treatments can be combined to create specific treatments for your client. For outline of specific treatments see each individual machine protocol. 


See Carlton Professional and MONUHUB for a full range of Professional products to enhance our electrical treatments. 




This machine provides the Therapist with a unique combination of advanced treatments at their fingertips . 



Design a course of treatment which is tailor made to your client and can be made to factor in the time your client has to devote to treatments, for example short lunchtime treatments or longer luxury treatments. 


Courses of treatments can be adapted to suit any purse. 





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