This machine provides a combination of Shortwave Diathermy and Galvanic, where the two currents combine to give a permanent hair removal system that utilises both chemical and heat as the destructive force 

Galvanism - produces lye at the negative pole on its own very slow 

Shortwave Diathermy - uses heat as its destructive force. 

Blend- When these two methods are applied simultaneously they are complementary and give a shorter application time with an extremely effective result. 


This machine is offered with a switched needle holder or an un-switched needle holder with a foot-switch. 




Permanently removes unwanted hair 

Minimal discomfort for clients 

Suitable for all hair types 

Inhibits new hair growth 

Can be used anywhere on the body 






Conduct a detailed Consultation procedure and select the treatment type you have decided will be most effective in treating the hair type. 


Our Ultrablend machine is designed to allow you to combine two tried and tested currents for the efficient and permanent removal of hair. 


Because the blend method uses a Galavanic current your client will have to hold an indifferent electrode to complete the circuit so that the destructive chemical substance is produced at your needle, which is in this case is your negative electrode. 


Shortwave diathermy can be used alone on your machine, but this technique can be quite uncomfortable for the client. This is also true of the Galvanic method, as the chemical takes a while to be produced in the follicle. 


When combined with the Galvanic current to create the blend method the diathermy can be turned lower so that it gently heats the follicle to trigger the chemical reaction, both currents are used at a lower intensity thereby giving a far more comfortable treatment. 


The Galvanic current can also be used for Desincrustation to break down the skins resistance prior to treatment or Iontophoresis post treatment to sooth the area. 



It is an excellent for a bespoke treatment. 


It is quicker than Galavanic on its own. 


It is more comfortable than Galavanic or Shortwave Diathermy on its own. 


It is suitable for all hair types and for distorted follicles. 



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