Our Radio Frequency body treatments will help to reduce the appearance of Cellulite, whilst also improving skin tone and the body contours. It allows for specific areas to be targeted and visibly improved. It is suitable for use in many areas, including the upper arms, stomach and thighs. 




Tightens skin and improves the appearance of Cellulite 


Pleasant treatment for the client to experience. 


Immediate visual results, reinforced and maintained by a course of treatments. 


Can be used to target specific areas of concern to the client. 


Face and Body treatments can be combined for cost effectiveness and additional results – work on the upper arms whilst mask is on during facial treatment. 






The area to be treated is selected. cleansed and exfoliated and the Contact Lotion applied. 


Either the intermediate or large hand-piece is selected according to the size of the area to be treated. 


The combination of Radio Frequency, Light Therapy and Vacuum are applied via the hand-piece in sweeping movements until the desired temperature is produced in the tissues ( 38-40 degreees). 


The heads both use the Red light for maximum stimulation of the tissues. 


Vacuum Suction helps to maintain contact with the skin and allows for Lymphatic Drainage at the end of the treatment. 



Ideal for the client who is looking for a results driven treatment to tighten and improve the general appearance of their body contours. A good addition for those who attend the gym, as good for working on specific areas of concern. 


Can be sold as a course of treatment. Courses can be built to suit any pocket due to the time and amount of product included in the package. 


Can be designed as a short lunchtime treatment or incorporated into a longer, product driven luxury treatment according to client preference. 


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