Our Microbrush unit is a variable speed rotary cleansing system with brushes to slough off the dead cells and to remove grime and dirt clinging to the surface of the skin. 


The Microbrush system features a selection of five different applicators and an accurate electronic speed control for different skin types. 




A great way to prepare the skin for most treatments. 







Rotating on the skin at several hundred R.P.M the soft brushes create an excellent massage. They cleanse the skin and stimulate whilst giving a light exfoliation. 


A Microbrush cleansing treatment should follow a warm towel compress or a steam treatment to soften the dead cells so that they can be removed more easily. Both the soft goat hair brushes and the natural sponge heads are ideal for the removal of facial products. 


This is an ideal treatment to prepare the skin for many more advanced treatments, both electrical and hands on. 



This treatment is usually used as a preliminary part of treatments and so is seldom sold alone. 





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