The Meso lift Pro combines both Microcurrent and Electroporation, giving an improvement to both the facial contours and enhancing the condition and appearance of the skin. 


Microcurrent is a tried and tested method of improving the facial contours by repositioning the muscles. It uses a low frequency interrupted Galvanic current and a pre- set waveform applied at a low intensity. 


The bonus of the Meso lift pro is that it simplifies the application of the Microcurrent by using a single two ball electrode which repositions the muscles by using firm upward stroking and holding movements. 


Electroporation is the application of a comfortable specific current which disturbs the lipidic links between the cells to create false pores in the skin – this allows for treatment products and creams to penetrate deep into the skin. The depth of penetration into the skin depends on the size of the molecules contained in the product. The product used does not have to be ionisable. 


In addition there is the option to complete the facial with an occlusive mask, this is impregnated with active ingredients which are driven into the skin with the Electroporation current. 




Facial contours are visibly improved. 


The results from this facial combine both the repositioning action of the Microcurrent and the plumping and moisturising effect of the Electroporation 


The Electroporation allows for the deep absorption of active ingredients into the skin, without the use of micro needling which requires ‘ downtime’. 


The occlusive mask offers the option of an extremely intensive treatment. 


The addition of the Electroporation after the Microcurrent gives the skin a definitive plumpness and glow. 






Cleanse, tone and exfoliate the skin and apply the Carlton Gel to suit the skin type. Select the Y handpiece and set the current level according to client tolerance. 


Starting at the base of the neck work on one half the face at a time using firm upward stroking movements, holding for three seconds at the top of the movement, repeat three times. This section of the facial should be completed in 20 minutes. 


Remove the gel, and apply Carlton Professional ampoule, which can be mixed with a moisturiser of your choice. 


See Carlton Professional Website for a full range of Carlton Professional Gels and Ampoules. 


Apply an excess of product and using the round handpiece, select the intensity according to client tolerance and work in a circular motion until all the product has been absorbed. This completes the facial 




Complete your facial by applying the occlusive mask. Lay the mask directly onto the skin, pass the Electroporation current across the mask and the active ingredients will be propelled into the skin. 


See MONUHUB for a full selection of treatment serums and moisturisers 



This facial can be offered as a course of 10- 12 treatments. This will give the client a progressive improvement of the facial contours., texture, tone and colour as they move through the course.


The client should follow a maintenance course of one facial every 4-6 weeks.


Both sections on the machine can be applied separately.

Electroporation does not need to be used with and an ionisable product and can be used up sale your hands on treatment facials





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