This treatment is designed to improve the appearance of Cellulite. Cellulite is a condition which has a dimpled, orange peel appearance which can be quite painful to the touch. It can be caused by hormone imbalance and is influenced by lifestyle, including bad diet and stress. 


Pads, which are enclosed in damp sponge pockets are secured to the body by elastic straps. Current passed through the pads penetrates the Dermis and the Epidermis, into the subcutaneous fat layer, in order to break down fatty deposits, release toxins and improve the appearance of Cellulite. 


It's works by repelling a product into the skin, which contains active ingredients designed to break down Cellulite. 


This treatment can be applied to the Legs, Arms, Stomach, Buttocks and back 




Opens pores, increases circulation and causes general stimulation in the area, this in turn make the skin regenerate more efficiently. 


Helps to break down fatty deposits and release trapped toxins so that Cellulite appears smoother. Has an exfoliating action due to the effect generated on the skin under the negative pad. 





Cleanse the area to be treated to remove any creams that may act as a barrier to the Galvanic current. Massage the active product of your choice into the area to be treated.


Insert the pads into damp sponge pockets and apply the negative pad to the treatment area, complete the circuit with the positive pad. Secure the pads with the elasticated straps provided. 


Turn up the intensity until your client can feel a ‘pins and needles’ sensation, then turn the current below detection level ( never more than 3ma).The duration of the treatment is about15 / 20mins. 


When the pads are removed there will be a redness under the negative pad, showing that there has been a marked stimulation of the skin in that area. 


Galavanic body should be followed by a form of lymph drainage to remove the toxins produced in the treatment area. 



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