Faradic refers to passive exercise of specific muscle groups and is very effective in creating tone and muscle definition, if used in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise can help to reduce inches. 


Pairs of pads are placed over specific muscles and the alternating current runs between the pads stimulating the motor point and causing a contraction. The depth and strength of contraction can be adapted to suit the required treatment. 


The current stimulates nerves and causes muscular contractions, known as passive exercise. 


This type of exercise shortens and tightens the muscles, improves the body contours and leads to a smoother silhouette. 


There is also a facility to treat facial muscles but this has almost completely been superseded by the use of micro-current. 




Tightens and tones the muscles which will give guaranteed inch loss if your client does not put on weight. 


Can be used to target specific areas of concern for clients. 


Is a good additional treatment for those who also like to use the gym but feel there are isolated areas where they are not achieving their goals. 


Offers clients who may not be so mobile the opportunity to keep their muscles in good condition. 







The Carlton Professional machine has 10 pairs of pads and usually in Beauty Therapy, these are organised on the body to give an all over treatment which targets areas of specific concern to the client. 


A conductive gel or fluid is applied to the underside of the pads. 


The pairs of pads are placed over the bulk of the muscle and strapped in place, and the intensity of each pair is turned up slowly until a smooth comfortable contraction of the muscle is achieved. 


The intensity may need to be adjusted as the treatment proceeds as the client may adjust to the current and feel less sensation.


A full treatment will last approx. 45 mins.



Is an efficient way for those loosing weight to keep themselves toned. 


Is most effective sold as a course of 10 – 12 treatments. Treatment lengths and cost can be adjusted to suit the time individuals have to offer to each treatment. 


Your client can follow a maintenance programme. 


Use it to introduce clients to product driven treatments to also enhance the condition of the skin 



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