Microdermabrasion is a mechanical peeling procedure 


The Carlton Diamond Peeling units use diamond heads, rotated onto the skin which allows the controlled and gentle removal of dead cells from the Epidermis. 


The heads used to perform the treatment are made with real diamonds embedded in a stainless steel surround. Diamonds are totally inert and therefore cannot cause a reaction on the skin. 


The grit size and speed used can vary the depth of the peel dramatically. 


It provides a very cost effective way of providing Microdermabrasion. 


The Chroma peel also offers the Colour Therapy Applicator facility, using LED lights. Our applicator works with 17 LEDs (light emitting diode) in four different colours, Red ( 640nm), Blue (470nm), Green (520nm) and Yellow (590nm). Each colour will have a different effect on the skin.




Provides controlled skin abrasion for perfect peeling. 


Stimulates the formation of new cells, thereby helping the regeneration of the skin. 


The skin is more receptive to active ingredients due to the removal of dead cells from the skins surface. Very effective on Acne scarring. 





Having Cleansed and toned the skin, blot dry and select the Diamond head to suit your clients skin. 


Set the speed control and the direction of rotation, then apply gentle pressure to the skin working evenly across the face and neck. 


Use a non- astringent toner to wipe away the shedding skin cells. Apply a mask. 


Remove mask and apply an ampoule or serum appropriate to the skin type – at this stage of the facial Colour Therapy may be carried out to enhance the treatment. 


Move the applicator in a slow, methodical manner, working towards the lymph nodes of the face and neck. Work for between 10 and 15 mins. 


Finish by applying your choice of moisturiser. 


Apply the moisturiser of your choice. 



A great treatment to offer as an integral part of any course of treatment. The removal of dead skin cells will enhance the effects of any treatment plan.


Is very effective as a stand alone treatment as it has instant effects on tone and texture of the skin which clients love. Makes the application of make up much smoother. 






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