Controlled Microdermabrasion is a gentle mechanical peeling process, to improve the skins regenerative capabilities. 


The Baby unit works using a controlled flow of ultra clean aluminium oxide crystals set in motion by vacuum created low pressure, The crystals are applied to the skin with a special hand-piece. This same hand-piece removes the used crystals and skin particles and deposits them into a separate crystal container. 


The basic aim of Microdermabrasion is to remove dead skin cells and give the skin a radiant appearance. 




Suitable for all skin types 

Suitable for all ages ( min 16 ) 

No risk of allergic reactions to the crystals. 

Regenerates the skin. 

Can minimise pigmentation and improve the appearance of scarring or stretch marks. 

Refines the skin and offers an instant result. 

Minimises the appearance of fine lines. 

Comfortable yet effective treatment which enhances the effectiveness of active ingredients. 





Cleanse and tone the skin, wipe over the skin with Pre Peel Lotion, this is a product that rapidly evaporates from the skins surface to ensure that the skin is completely dry. This is very important when working with Crystals, any moisture present will cause the crystals to clog the machine. 


Adjust the crystal flow to get the desired effect. A fast crystal flow will give you a superficial peel and a slow crystal flow will give a deeper peel. 


Work methodically over the face and neck, supporting the skin as you go, concentrating on any particular areas of concern. 


You should be aiming for a comfortable treatment that gives a slight erythema, there should be no soreness or abrasions on the skin. Your client must definitely use an SPF after treatment and the treatment is usually performed every 3 /6 weeks.. 

Having finished the crystal application, make sure the skin is clear of any crystal residue and apply a mask, remove the mask and apply a concentrate/ serum and moisturiser. 



Suitable for all skin types. 


Is a good addition to many other treatments and can be used as an integral part of a course of treatments. 


Will give your clients skin an immediate radiance and they will love the way the application of their make up feels after this treatment. 




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