G5 is a gyratory massager which is used to supplement manual massage 


It has traditionally been combined with the application of active products to improve the appearance of Cellulite. It is widely used by Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Beauty Therapists to supplement manual treatments. It can also be used where more depth of treatment is needed and can help to save wear and tear on the Therapists hands. 


It brings depth of stimulation to the area being treated and the various heads allows for the areas of concern to be isolated and treated individually 


Our machine also includes the application of Directional stroking a simultaneous vibration and percussion movement to increase the venous flow and nutrition to the skin and underlying tissues whilst stimulating the blood circulation. When applied in the direction of the lymph nodes it is an effective form of lymph drainage and is a great addition to body treatments such as Faradic and Galvanic where toxins may be released by the the treatment and need to be removed. 


This machine is supplied with four applicators and washable covers for the soft sponge heads. The heads are applied in order of the depth of treatment they provide, starting with the sponge head with gives a general stimulation of the superficial blood supply and peripheral nerve endings to prepare the area for treatment. 


The treatment can be used as a useful addition to many of your body treatments. 





This hand held intra sound vibrator produces mixed frequency sound waves which penetrate up to 6cms into the body tissue and by increasing circulation help the body heal the affected area ,quickly bringing relief from pain. 


The general stimulation deep into the tissues of the area being treated brings blood, lymph and nutrients to the area making it work more efficiently, thereby aiding the healing process. It will also help to breakdown the adhesions that have been laid down in injury sites, therefore it is widely used by sports therapists to treat sports injuries. 


It is also used in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation , circulation disorders, bronchitis, migraine and for the relief of tension. 


This treatment can be a useful addition to many of your body treatments and id exceptionally effective for treatment of isolated problem areas. 



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